Noel Gallagher blasts "pointless" AI generated Oasis songs

2 June 2023, 16:42

Noel Gallagher press
Noel Gallagher has criticised the rise of music created using AI. Picture: Matt Crockett/Press

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis rocker and songsmith has said AI songs have "no soul" and "no feeling".

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Noel Gallagher isn't a fan of music created with AI.

The Manchester rocker has admitted he has heard The Lost Tapes Volume I created by AISIS and he felt the project was "pointless".

Speaking to The Sun, the Easy Now singer revealed: “Someone sent me those Oasis AI songs — well, it was called AI-sis. And I thought, ‘What’s the point of this?’ It’s as pointless as the people who make it.

"Then people are showing me Ringo Starr singing She’s Electric and Freddie Mercury singing Don’t Look Back In Anger. If that’s how you spend your lunch break, f****** good on you.

“But there’s no soul to it, no feeling."

AISIS - The Lost Tapes / Vol.1 (In Style of Oasis / Liam Gallagher - AI Mixtape/Album)

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The 56-year-old musician also believes that record companies will eventually replace songwriting teams with AI bots to write lyrics for the latest pop act.

I’ve seen that thing where lyrics are written by AI. And they are f****** worse than mine," he added. "But I have no doubt that in the next ten years, record companies won’t employ songwriters — they’ll employ machines to write for the next f*** wit popstar that comes along.

“I guarantee you that record labels are working on the technology. They’ll be churning that f******s**t out and all music will end up the same. You won’t know who’s singing.”

While Noel isn't a fan of Breezer's so-called 'AI-sis' project, his brother Liam insisted he thinks their songs are "better" than most modern music.

Asked if he'd heard the album on Twitter, the former Oasis frontman, replied: "Not the album heard a tune it’s better than all the other snizzle out there. (sic)"

Responding to another fan, he said: "Mad as f*** I sound mega."

Meanwhile, this week saw Noel Gallagher release his fourth solo album, Council Skies, which includes the singles Pretty Boy, Easy Now, Dead To The World, its title track and Open The Door, See What You Find.

Talking about the "personal" album, which he revealed was written mostly in isolation, he said: "The vibe and the lyrics sounded a bit reflective and I guess it was a reflective time for everyone, because none of us had ever lived through a pandemic, didn’t even know what one was and how we’d got into it and how we were going to get out of it.

“And you were watching the news and there was the conspiracy theories and all that sort of thing. I’d lock my self away in my room at home and just think, ‘What on earth is going on?’ And there’s a bit of that in there. Some of the songs are quite personal.”

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