Kurt Cobain was an Abba fan

14 September 2020, 20:46

Kurt Cobain and Abba inset
Kurt Cobain and Abba inset. Picture: 1. Kevin Mazur/WireImage) 2. Olle LINDEBORG / TT News Agency / AFP) / Sweden OUT (Photo credit should read OLLE LINDEBORG/AFP via Getty Images

According to reports, former music promoter David McLean has reflected on the late Nirvana frontman and his love for the Swedish band.

Kurt Cobain was a fan of Abba, according to a former rock music promoter.

David McLean - who began his career by promoting gigs in Dundee and went on to travel with artists all over the world - has reflected on the time he spent with Nirvana and their late frontman.

As reported by NME, McLean - who has written and directed the film Schemers - recalled to The Guardian: "Everyone says Dave is the nicest man in rock. Kurt was great too. I remember his piercing blue eyes. He was such a genuine person. He put up a disco ball in the tour bus and would sing Dancing Queen because he loved Abba."

McLean also talked about the strange circumstances which led the band to having a five-a-side football match with Chippendale strippers.

“After Nottingham Rock City, the Chippendales – a group of male strippers – were in the hotel bar,” he explained. “For some reason, Nirvana’s manager said, ‘Fancy a game of five-a-side?’

“So Nirvana played a game of five-a-side versus the Chippendales in the car park. Kurt was quite fit and Dave got stuck in. I can’t remember who won but for the rest of the night I pulled a bit of a fast one and pull all the drinks on the Chippendales’ manager’s room.”

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Meanwhile, Dave Grohl recently described how receiving a postcard from a fellow Seattle band shortly after Kurt Cobain died was a "wake up call".

The Foo Fighters frontman spoke about the 25th anniversary of the band's debut studio album earlier this year and revealed what encouraged him to keep being an artist.

Asked by Matt Wilkinson if it was true that he got a postcard from a band called 7 Year Bitch, who had lost bandmates as well, he replied: “Yeah, that was soon after Kurt’s memorial that I got that. 

"It basically said ‘I know that you probably don’t want to play music now but you will because that’s how you get through these things’."

He added: “And it was a huge wake up call for me because they were right. I couldn’t consider playing music at the time and then I did realise that maybe that’s the thing that’s gonna get me through this".

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