What's the tracklist for Muse's Origin Of Muse deluxe set and when is it released?

10 September 2019, 19:23 | Updated: 10 September 2019, 19:26

The Devon trio have announced a special deluxe set, which chronicles their early years from Showbiz to Origin of Symmetry.

Muse have announced the release of a special deluxe set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album.

Origin of Muse - which is set for release on 6 December 2019 - chronicles everything from Devon band's first release, Showbiz in 1991, to their 2001 breakthrough record Origin of Symmetry, and much more.

The mammoth release includes a 48 page booklet, nine CDs, four vinyl, an in-depth interview and never-before-released material.

The set, which promises to be the ultimate collector's edition for fans of the Devon band, boasts 113 tracks in total with more than 40 of those being unreleased.

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Muse's Origin Of Muse deluxe set
Muse's Origin Of Muse deluxe set. Picture: Press

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Expect early demos, first EPs and B Sides including an early version of Plug in Baby, a previously unreleased alternate version of Recess, and a full version of Origin of Symmetry live at Reading Festival 2011.

It's all housed in a bound casebook, which sits in a rigid board slipcase with anti-scratch and matte laminated laminated finish with a spot gloss.

The book also incorporates original posters, setlists, photographs and contact sheets which are inserted and can be pulled out from the book, as well as original artwork and all CD’s and vinyl.

See the Origin of Muse Tracklisting:


1. Cave

2. Rain

3. Agitated

4. Crazy Days

5. Coma

6. Connect The Kettle Lead

7. Balloonatic

8. Boredom

9. Sober

10. Jimmy Kane

11. Ashamed

12. Plug In Baby

13. Earthquake

14. Good News

15. Overdue


1. Overdue

2. Cave

3. Coma

4. Escape

5. Muscle Museum

6. Sober

7. Uno

8. Unintended

9. Pink Ego Box

10. (Muscle Museum) #2

11. Showbiz (Live, Sawmills Studios, 1998)

12. Do We Need This (Live, Fortress Studios, 1999)

13. Sunburn (Live, Fortress Studios, 1999)

14. Overdue (Live, Fortress Studios, 1999)

15. Uno (Alternate version, Rak Studios, 1999)


1. Sunburn

2. Muscle Museum

3. Fillip

4. Falling Down

5. Cave

6. Showbiz

7. Unintended

8. Uno

9. Sober

10. Spiral Static (Bonus track)

11. Escape

12. Overdue

13. Hate This & I'll Love You


1. Recess (Unreleased alternate version, Trident Studios, 1999)

2. Jimmy Kane

3. Forced In

4. Agitated

5. Twin

6. Host

7. Do We Need This?

8. Con-Science

9. Minimum

10. Ashamed

11. Yes Please

12. Recess


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