Carl Barât banned drink and drugs from The Libertines' album sessions

11 April 2024, 15:04 | Updated: 11 April 2024, 15:11

The Libertines press image 2024
The Libertines have discussed the making of their album. Picture: Ed Cooke

By Jenny Mensah

Pete Doherty and Carl Barât opened up about the strict conditions which led to the making of their All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade album.

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The Libertines have revealed the strict rules imposed for their studio sessions when creating their All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade album.

The band's fourth effort was released last week and Pete Doherty recalled how bandmate Carl Barât insisted on a booze and drugs ban in the studio in order to keep them focused.

"In the past we’ve worked hard, but it’s always been in conjunction with a jolly good knees up," Pete told Vulture magazine. " This time around, there were strict instructions from Carl that there was no alcohol or drugs on the premises during writing and recording, which I went along with thinking it would be all right. He’ll give up after two or three hours. But lo and behold, he didn’t."

Carl quipped: "And lo and behold, we got a record."

Though Pete - who has overcome his well-documented struggles with heroin addiction - didn't believe that his bandmate would stick to his guns on the ruling, he believed Carl's reasoning was sound, because he was ready for a drink three days in.

"I’m not knocking the system," admitted the 47-year-old rocker. " I’m just saying it’s very difficult and I’m surprised by your puritanical adherence to it. Because after day three I was ready for a glass of cider purely as a reward system."

It looks like all the hard work and discipline may have paid off, as The Libertines are on course to score a UK number one with the album, which includes the singles Run, Run, Run, Shiver, Night Of The Hunter and Oh S***.

Stream All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade is out now. Stream the album in full below:

The Libertines may have shown plenty of restraint during their recording sessions, but things may have been even more disciplined if they'd followed through with their plans to join the army before starting a band.

Pete explained to Johnny Vaughan on Radio X: "My dad was in the army, [...] my sister is in the army and so is my brother in law and up until the ages of 11, 12 that was sort of what I was expected [to do] and that's what I knew, but it occurred to me as I started to get a little bit older that going around the world in a uniform with a gun - I think it was when I first saw a picture of The Beatles that I thought - 'I'd rather go round the world with a guitar in my hand rather than a gun and in that uniform".

"It didn't stop us joining the army at one point" interjected Carl. "We tried to join Holloway TA bomb disposal squad. We thought that because his dad was already in the gang that we might get a few perks and we thought that it might be a bit like going away every fourth weekend with a bunch of dentists and what not doing assault courses and having a rollicking good time".

Despite their somewhat naive enthusiasm, Pete revealed that things may have been very different if they were prepared to lose their youthful long locks.

"Listen, we did try," he added. "They would have had us, but they insisted we cut our hair, didn't they? And [Carl] had this amazing ponytail at the time, which we don't talk about now..."

Watch them explain all below:

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