VIDEO: Liam Gallagher Says "Throw Anything Else, But No Fish!"

28 July 2018, 07:00

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The former Oasis rocker warned crowds at Germany's Stimmen Festival after a fish was thrown on stage at Benicassim.

Liam Gallagher has told fans they can throw anything on his stage apart from fish.

Addressing the crowds at Stimmen Festival, which takes place in Lörrach, Germany the former Oasis rocker joked to the energetic crowd: "None of you have got no fish have you?

"It's just not happening with the fish. Throw anything else, but no fish!"

Watch footage of the moment in a video shared on Instagram by the_wanderer_basel_17.

Liam's quip came after someone threw a "stinky fish" on stage when he played Benicàssim.

The former Oasis frontman was about to perform their Cigarettes & Alcohol track, when he stopped the band and said: "So which dickhead threw the fish here then?

"Fucking stinky, smelly fish man. Now listen right, it aint that fucking bad. Don't be throwing fish on stage, mate."

I've seen a lot worse than this shit, alright? I can't be singing while there's a fucking fish there".

See the moment it was captured in a video shared on YouTube by Maybe Definitely here:

When Liam Gallagher isn't too busy shouting at his own audience, he's giving it large to the crowds at The Killers' gigs.

The Rock N' Roll star made a brief appearance on stage with the Las Vegas rockers at Latitude festival, but declined to sing with them.

Re-live the moment here:

The band went on to play Oasis B-side Acquiesce. Watch them in action below: