VIDEO: Liam Gallagher teases "January 31st" with cryptic video clip

29 January 2020, 19:00 | Updated: 29 January 2020, 19:01

The former Oasis rocker has shared a teaser, which seems to feature the piano part to his Once track.

Liam Gallagher has shared a teaser clip referring to the 31 January.

The video begins with a picturesque shot of a stately home and swoops in to reveal a discarded banquet table before resting on the title of Gallagher's Why Me? Why Not. album in a gilded frame.

Some fans have noticed the home looks somewhat familiar to John Lennon's Ascot home, while others have noticed the piano is playing the accompaniment to Liam's Once track.

Whether it's a video, live dates or a new music announcement, fans won't have to wait too long to find out.

Watch the thirty-nine-second clip above.

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher. Picture: Press

Meanwhile, Gallagher has kept pretty quiet on social media lately, but broke his silence to speak out about knife crime this week.

The former Oasis frontman took to Twitter on Tuesday (28 January) to despair at the epidemic, writing: "All these stabbings up and down the country man are outrageous sad as fuck people need to chill the fuck out love one another brothers n sisters LG x".

Asked by a fan if he'd do a gig to raise funds and awareness, Gallagher replied: "I’ll do a gig anytime it’s sad young kids losing there lives no need".

It's not the first time the Wall of Glass singer has spoken out about knife crime. Last year he criticised the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan about the statistics.

As reported by The Guardian in June 2019, the Manchester legend appeared on BBC News, where he slammed the mayor over the rise of fatal stabbings in the capital.

Speaking to the news channel, he said: "Every time you wake up in the morning, there’s some 16-year-old kid been knifed to death. I’ve got kids that age, out and about and that, doing their thing, living, being young. That freaks me right out – it does worry me. I’ve got teenagers.”

He added: "I’d have a word with that mayor – he seems to not be doing a good job, all them kids getting knifed and all that. The only thing that ever comes out of his mouth is, ‘London is open.’ What, open for knife crime and dying and stuff?"

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Khan soon responded to the Manchester rocker's criticism, telling Radio X: "I can understand why any parent - and I speak as a parent of teenage children as Liam Gallagher is - would be concerned about violent crime."

He continued: "We've got to make sure we use that energy to try and save lives in our city. That's not just us from city hall, but those concerned to help me lobby the government. We've lost over the last eight, nine years 3,500 police officers, 3,500 community support officers. In the last three years since I've been there, we've invested unlike the previous eight more than £230 million in our police from council tax increases and business rates increases..."

The Labour politician concluded: "So if Liam Gallagher and others want to work with me to lobby the government, honestly the more hands that get involved, the more voices that get involved, the better."