Serge Kasabian reveals how "upside down" world is affecting his writing

20 June 2020, 12:00 | Updated: 20 June 2020, 12:01

Serge Pizzorno talks writing new music in lockdown

Watch the Kasabian guitarist and songsmith explain to Johnny Vaughan why it's hard to focus while writing new music because "there's just so much going on."

Serge Pizzorno has reflected on how world events have made it harder for him to focus on writing music.

The Kasabian rocker spoke to Johnny Vaughan this week and explained that although writing new music is like being in lockdown to him, it's harder to drown out all the current events.

"It's hard to focus actually, because it's information overload," he told the Radio X presenter.

"The way the world is at the moment, where we sit right now, it's just completely upside down. So, it's trying to focus on things that I want to say. There's just so much going on."

However, the Empire rocker has enjoyed spending time with his sons Ennio and Lucio, calling it "fantastic".

"The kids are around all the time," he added. "I've not been doing much work, so I've just been making dens. It's been great!"

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Serge Pizzorno talks to Johnny Vaughan about writing new music in lockdown
Serge Pizzorno talks to Johnny Vaughan about writing new music in lockdown. Picture: Radio X

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Radio X is set to play the band's career-defining Solstice set at Leicester's Victoria Park this Saturday (20 June) in the next of our Home Shows series, and Pizzorno looked back over the "incredible" time.

Talking about the 2014 gig, he recalled: "It’s hard to put into words because it felt… It was quite emotional actually because it felt like we’d taken 15 years to get there".

He added: "As exciting as it was to play in front of 50,000 you know, the actual gig itself... everyone’s families were there, all the pals, and then you have that moment of reflection and then remember the rehearsals.

"I mean as a band we just sat and talked about the journey so far."

The Eez-Eh rocker - who vowed to listen back to the special gig, which will air on Radio X this Saturday from 8pm - added: "We really took it in. It was sort of incredible”.

Hear Kasabian's 2014 Solstice gig in Radio X's Home Shows on 20 June 2020 from 8pm.

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Serge Pizzorno relives Solstice I gig