Kasabian appear to tease new music for next week

16 February 2024, 15:13

Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno with teaser inset
Kasabian have shared a cryptic teaser on social media. Picture: Matt Crossick/ Instagram/Kasabian

By Jenny Mensah

Serge Pizzorno and co have shared a clip on Instagram, which teases to an announcement on 21st February.

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Kasabian have teased what appears to be new material.

Taking to social media, the Leicester outfit shared a video clip, which showed a mobile phone and a snippet of music.

The cryptic post was captioned: "21/02," suggesting fans have until next Wednesday to find out what the band have in store.

Signs are certainly pointing to new music from the band as a telephone-themed post was also shared on Serge Pizzorno's official Instagram, which saw a model of the miniature model of the frontman next to a phone.

It was captioned: "I love it when you call

"It makes no sense at all x"

The end of last year saw Serge Pizzorno and co announce their eighth studio album, Happenings, would be released in 2024 and it would be "joyous" and full of "big tunes".

Asked about the record, which Serge revealed was inspired by the gigs put on by psychedelic bands in the '60s, he told Radio X's Johnny Vaughan: "So the late '60s, like Hawkwind you’d have psychedelic happenings [...], so with that in mind, we’re going to do Kasabian happenings all over the world."

He added: "This album was made during sort of touring, which we’ve never really done before and that’s kind of fed into this joyous, huge, big tune album and from it we’re gonna do our own happenings, so it made sense that’s what the album is gonna be called.”

As well as a headline set at Latitude 2024, the Eez-eh rockers are also set to return to Leicester for a homecoming gig at Victoria Park for Summer Solstice II on 6th July 2024.

Looking back at their first milestone homecoming show, which took place a decade before, the ALYGATYR singer said it was like his city was celebrating a "World Cup win".

"It was just that amazing feeling of inviting everyone from your town," he recalled. "People coming from literally all over the world."

Serge Pizzorno on Kasabian playing Leicester

He added: "No one really knew what to plan for, so from about 12 o’clock all the pubs round the area just run out of booze, so landlords were shipping out, like going to Sainsbury’s and Asda getting cans to sell... and then it carried on to half 4 in the morning. The city centre was just alive. Like a World Cup win or something. There was people in the fountains. It was crazy."