Why does Dave Grohl always chew gum when he sings?

14 January 2019, 00:04 | Updated: 10 September 2019, 12:57

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters. Picture: Robert Knight Archive/Redferns/Getty Images

Here’s the real reason why the Foo Fighters frontman is a big fan of chewing throughout his epic live shows.

If you've ever been to a Foo Fighters gig or watched footage of the band playing live, you'll know Dave Grohl constantly has gum in his mouth.

Come rain or shine, whether he's belting out a banger like The Pretender, serenading the crowd with the likes of Walk, nine times out of ten the Foos frontman can be caught masticating in-between.

While fan forums have credited everything from keeping the cigarettes at bay to a straight up addiction to the sticky white stuff, the answer is actually a lot simpler.

As Gavin Edwards notes in his 2006 book Is Tiny Dancer Really Elton’s Little John?: Music’s Most Enduring Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed, Grohl is quoted as saying: "It’s just to keep my throat and mouth lubricated."

Plus, apparently it ensures he doesn't "choke and vomit" when he screams.

And as for the Learn To Fly rocker's poison? Apparently he's fond of Dentyne Ice.

Chew on Dave. Chew on!


Not content to keep his wise habit to himself, Grohl even taught Bille Joe Armstrong how to sing and chew gum.

Discussing the talent on The Howard Stern Show, the Green Day frontman revealed: “You know who told me [how to do that]? It was Dave Grohl.”

Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt added, “It gets stuck in his moustache.”

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