Foo Fighters on new record: "It's the most pop fantastic album we've ever made"

20 March 2020, 14:51 | Updated: 20 March 2020, 14:59

Dave Grohl says new Foo Fighters record is the "most pop fantastic" album ever
Dave Grohl says new Foo Fighters record is the "most pop fantastic" album ever. Picture: Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Frontman Dave Grohl has revealed his nerves about the new record, while drummer Taylor Hawkins think's it's the most pop album they've made.

Foo Fighters have revealed that their new album is the "most pop fantastic" they've ever made.

As reported by NME, the Learn To Fly rockers spoke to Mojo about the new record and revealed their nerves about what the reaction might be.

Frontman Dave Grohl said: "I've never entered into the album process thinking, 'We're the greatest, most amazing, biggest band in the world.'

"You might convince yourself of that when you're in a room listening to s**t you've just recorded.

"But the second you hit play in front of a roomful of strangers, you turn into a six-year-old kid with his pants down at school. Absolutely. You're just [fearful]."

"We've kind of become the AC/DC of post-grunge or whatever," drummer Taylor Hawkins added. "So, the reaction is going to be interesting. It's the most pop fantastic album we've ever made.

"But I had a hard time making this record because I was like Roger Taylor in the Queen movie. 'We're resorting to drum loops?' I almost feel like Dave like chaos a little bit then likes to control it."

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Dave Grohl: New Foo Fighters album is "unlike anything we've ever done"

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters were forced to postpone their have postponed their forthcoming North American tour dates until December, following the spread of Coronavirus in the US. "Let's do this right," said the frontman in a statement which puts fans' health and safety first.

"Hi this is Dave," he wrote. "Remember me? The guy who wouldn't even postpone a show when my goddamn leg was falling off?"

"Well... playing a gig with a sock full of broken bones is one thing, but playing a show when YOUR health and safety is in jeopardy is another..."

Grohl added: "We f**kin' love you guys. So let's do this right and rain check sh*t. The album is done and it's f**lin' killer. The lights and stage are in the trucks, ready to go. The SECOND we are given the go ahead, we'll come tear sh*t up like we always do. Promise.

"Now go wash your hands."

The shows, which traced the band's first tour from 25 years ago, was due to kick off in Phoenix Arizona on 12 April.

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