Foo Fighters postpone tour dates: "Let's do this right"

16 March 2020, 17:03 | Updated: 16 March 2020, 17:15

Foo Fighters 2019
Foo Fighters 2019. Picture: RCA/Press

Dave Grohl announces "Let's rain check sh*t" as the Van Tour is rescheduled over Coronavirus.

Foo Fighters have postponed their forthcoming North American tour dates until December, following the spread of Coronavirus in the US. "Let's do this right," said the frontman in a statement which puts fans' health and safety first.

"Hi this is Dave," he wrote. "Remember me? The guy who wouldn't even postpone a show when my goddamn leg was falling off?

"Well... playing a gig with a sock full of broken bones is one thing, but playing a show when YOUR health and safety is in jeopardy is another...

"We f**kin' love you guys. So let's do this right and rain check sh*t. The album is done and it's f**lin' killer. The lights and stage are in the trucks, ready to go. The SECOND we are given the go ahead, we'll come tear sh*t up like we always do. Promise.

"Now go wash your hands."

The shows, which traced the band's first tour from 25 years ago, was due to kick off in Phoenix Arizona on 12 April.

The news comes as some UK artists have been criticised for continuing to perform shows, although the government have yet to ban large gatherings in the country. Both Lewis Capaldi and Stereophonics played arena shows this weekend, atrracting many tweets attacking the decision.

A spokesman for Capaldi told the NME: “The final show of Lewis’s UK arena tour in Aberdeen on Sunday March 15 went ahead in full compliance with the advisory document on mass gatherings issued by the Scottish government at 1pm on the same day."

A spokesman for Stereophonics also told NME: "The UK government’s position was that at this phase there was no need for a ban on large public gatherings.

“Acting on this guidance, we continued with the last three shows of our UK tour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as did many other events across the entertainment industry.”


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