Dave Grohl was "blown away" meeting Elton John

6 February 2021, 08:00 | Updated: 24 February 2021, 12:27

By Jenny Mensah

The Foo Fighters frontman told Radio X's Chris Moyles about his first meeting with the legendary British musician.

Dave Grohl has recalled the first time he met Elton John and how "blown away" he was.

The Foo Fighters frontman spoke to The Chris Moyles Show about the release of the band's new Medicine At Midnight album and some of the experiences he's had over the years.

Chris Moyles praised some of the amazing stories he's amassed and challenged the rocker to recount a tale from any famous name he mentioned.

When the Radio X DJ offered up the name Elton John, Grohl began: "One day when I was in London I was with my wife and this friend, another musician named Dave Koz, and we were in kind of a posh neighbourhood and I was pushing my daughter in, like, a stroller, a pram, right? And, we’re going down this street. There’s all these shops and stuff. Elton John steps out right in front of us... Steps out of, like, some sort of boutique and walks right in front of us into a car waiting for him."

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Elton John
Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Elton John. Picture: 1. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy2. Dave Simpson/WireImage/Getty

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Grohl continued: "My friend Dave Koz says, oh, my god, that’s Elton John. Oh, my god, that’s Elton John, and I’m, like, oh, my god, that’s Elton John, and he goes, Dave, go say hi. I’m like, I don’t know Elton John. I’m not gonna go tap on a window, the guy’s having, like, a nice day. I’m not gonna bother him, and so we stand there thinking, wow, that was Elton John. The car pulls away, stops about 30 metres up the road, door opens up, Elton John runs out of the car back to us and says, 'Hello Dave, I’m Elton John.'

"And, I was like, I was like, 'Oh. My. God'. I said, 'This is my wife, Jordan, this is my daughter, Violet'. She’s about one or two years old.

"He, like, kissed my daughter. He said hello to my friend Dave Koz. But the thing that I noticed that was amazing was that his emerald earrings - no maybe they were Sapphire - earrings matched his shoes. I was absolutely blown away!"

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While it's undeniable that Dave Grohl's got a lot of stories to tell, he's still yet to put them down in the form of a memoir.

However, the 52-year-old rocker has renewed our hopes we could see an autobiography from him very soon by revealing he's been writing and "saving" stories at home.

Asked by Chris Moyles how he's been coping during the coronavirus pandemic, Grohl mused: "It’s been strange not being on tour, but it’s been a welcome change in a lot of ways because we, you know, we had to, like, stop and think and adapt and just change what we do and then also, you know, I got to make a lot of lasagne and I got to write a lot.

"I’ve been writing, not music but words, and that’s something that I never had time to do, so it’s great."

When the Radio X DJ asked if he meant he's been writing a book, the Medicine At Midnight rocker replied: "Well, I suppose it could be a book someday."

"I’m creatively hyperactive," he explained. "I just started writing these stories and I found it just as rewarding as writing songs and performing, in a way."

The former Nirvana drummer continued: "I just had this list of, like, 50 ridiculous things that have happened to me over the last 52 years and just started writing. So, I’ve got, like, a lot".

Asked if it was kicked off by his Dave's True Stories Instagram and why he only ended up sharing six tales online, the rocker replied: "Well, here’s the thing. [...] I got really into it and then I started thinking maybe I should save these... and so I started saving them."

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Radio X Foo Fighters Home Show. Picture: Radio X