The best Biffy Clyro lyrics

31 August 2021, 16:13

Biffy Clyro in 2012
Biffy Clyro in 2012. Picture: Adam Gasson/Total Guitar Magazine/Future via Getty Images

Celebrate frontman Simon Neil's birthday by revisiting some of the band's finest lyrics.

  1. "Baby if you could would you go back to the start?/Take any fresh steps or watch it all fall apart again?"

  2. "I'll take a bruise, I know you're worth it/When you hit me, hit me hard."

  3. "You left my heart like an abandoned car / Old and worn out, no use at all.”

  4. "We are, like lightning, surrounded/You are the human strobe.”

  5. "Nothing lasts forever, except you and me/You are my mountain, you are my sea"

  6. "You stink of hallelujah/But you wash yourself in sin/Well have you seen her?/This heavenly creature"

  7. "I'll be sitting on the left side, you'll be sitting on the right/Dying to share our problems, make everything alright"

  8. "I would do anything for another minute with you because/It's not getting easier, it's not getting easier."

  9. "The skyline is burning red so we'll all go down/Follow my head to survive cause it won't take us long to come round"

  10. "You've got all these great answers to all these great questions/Take advantage of the sound, lean in to walls leading to minds"

  11. "I've started falling apart I'm not savouring life/Take the pieces and build them skywards.”