Filmmaker & Arctic Monkeys fan shares shoot with Alex Turner after meeting his "hero" on the Eurostar

30 April 2024, 19:33

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner in 2023
Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner in 2023. Picture: Paul Bergen/Redferns/Getty

By Jenny Mensah

Chris Blood has recalled the moment he met the Arctic Monkeys frontman and approached him on the train from Paris to London.

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An Arctic Monkeys fan and visual creative has taken to Instagram to share his "emotional" account of meeting Alex Turner.

Chris Blood, who describes himself as a "Northerner who occasionally makes cool s***," took to his official account on the platform to share images from an impromptu photoshoot with the Arctic Monkeys frontman after he meeting him on the train back from Gard Du Nord, Paris to London Kings Cross.

Explaining how he was introduced to the band, he began his lengthy post: "It’s 2005, a band explodes on MySpace. They’re dressed like you and their lyrics are a mirror to your life. Bleeding heck, who the f*** are the Arctic Monkeys?"

He went on: "After 19 years on repeat it’s now 2024. Myself and @conor_bloodfilms are travelling back from Paris.

"We arrive at Gare Du Nord and [Conor] Duffy stops in his tracks. He whispers to me “I think that’s Alex Turner.” “F**k off!” I immediately reply. I gaze over at a guy wearing a leather jacket with long brown hair, his face adorned with aviators. We should probably stop staring as it’s getting weird, sexually and aggressively weird.

"Turns out it is bloody Alex Turner, the man who’s provided the soundtrack to my life! He strolls past and disappears into the Parisian platform crowd. A missed opportunity."

However, the opportunity was anything but missed, as Blood goes onto explain that Turner was in fact on the same train back to London with them and is in fact sitting in their very same carriage as them, with a "notepad.

The expert storyteller continues: "We board our train back to London. We look to our left and there’s Alex. Sitting in his seat accompanied by a notepad. He’s probably writing the next Arctic Monkeys hit “Two gawping pricks on a train”. We really need to stop staring.

"I tell Duffers I’m going in, he stops me. Reminds me that I’m a fully functioning adult and not to create a scene. Christ, he’s right! I feel like I’m 15 years old again, someone get me a Strongbow and whack Dancing Shoes on, kin hell lad!

"Eventually myself and Con engage, it’s a surreal experience. Alex is polite and returns conversation in a soft friendly manner. The whole situation is just bloody lovely."

As Blood explains, he goes on to ask the 505 singer if can take his photographer and Turner obliges, even asking for some direction.

He goes on: "I awkwardly ask if I can take his portrait, fully aware that it could result in an awkward exchange and destroy this wonderful moment. He smiles and obliges, he’s effortlessly cool, asks for direction and I take a few snaps.

We disembark the train, I felt quite emotional and that’s embarrassing to admit. Maybe it was the jet lag, the caffeine and croissant overload? Or maybe it was just the rekindling of my youth."

The photographer, videographer and director concluded: "This all might sound trivial, however, for me these portraits are deeply personal serving a reminder that life is a series of fortunate events and when fully appreciated can conjure up some pretty awesome memories."

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