Billie Eilish's Bad Guy sung in the style of Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner is spot on

8 March 2020, 10:30 | Updated: 8 March 2020, 10:31

Listen to YouTuber Daniel Fox's take on the LA singer-songwriter's hit single, in the drawl of the Sheffield musician and Arctic Monkeys frontman.

A musician has covered Billie Eilish's hit single, Bad Guy, in the style of Alex Turner... and it is pretty impressive.

Daniel Fox is a big Arctic Monkeys fan, and has covered several of the band's tracks on his YouTube channel.

However, he changed things up a bit for his latest rendition, choosing to perform Billie Eilish's biggest hit in the style of the Sheffield rocker,

Not content to just copy the distinctive drawl of the AM singer, Fox has also given the music itself a considerable facelift- opting to turn the pop hit into a moody, ghoulish surf-psyche number.

Listen to it above.

Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner and Billie Eilish
Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner and Billie Eilish. Picture: 1.Santiago Bluguermann/Getty Images 2. Jim Dyson/Redferns

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Meanwhile, Kevin Parker has said Alex Turner's writing skills are far better than his.

The Tame Impala frontman has never kept his admiration for the Arctic Monkeys frontman a secret, but has now said he far surpasses him when it comes to songwriting.Speaking to Beats 1‘s Matt Wilkinson, he said of the Sheffield rocker: "[He's] in another league to me as a songwriter."

The The Less I Know the Better added: "Absolutely. [But] he can't play drums as good as me".

Speaking about how they are neighbours in LA, the Aussie rocker revealed: "I was in his pool the other day. He wasn’t there at the time,' before adding: "I didn’t jump his fence… Yeah. Jumped the fence. No, I didn’t."

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