Richard Hammond launches new podcast Who We Are Now with daughter Izzy

28 February 2024, 07:00

Richard Hammond co-hosts brand-new podcast series with his daughter Izzy
Richard Hammond co-hosts brand-new podcast series with his daughter Izzy. Picture: Global

A brand new podcast demystifying conversations around masculinity, mental health and the issues that affect us all.

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TV presenter and award-winning journalist Richard Hammond and his daughter Izzy Hammond will co-host the brand new Global Player Original and Piffle podcast: Who We Are Now, available to listen to from Tuesday 27th February 2024.

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In 2006, Richard Hammond broke his brain. A high-speed jet-powered car he was piloting crashed at 319mph and the thing that stopped the car from rolling? That was his head. Richard spent a few weeks in hospital, having his brain put back together.

This life-changing experience gave Richard time to have a long, hard look at his emotional state and mental health. Since then, he’s been on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, leading him to present his first-ever podcast series, Who We Are Now.

Listeners will have the opportunity to join Richard on his mission to demystify and de-stigmatise conversations around masculinity, mental health, and the issues that affect us all to discover Who We Are Now.

Richard won’t be on this mission alone, as he will be joined by his co-pilot and daughter Izzy Hammond. Having worked together previously on his popular YouTube channel; Drivetribe, where Richard teaches Izzy to rally cars and off-road trucks – no one knows Richard better on and off screen. Together, they have open and honest discussions about big topics.

Richard says: “I’m so excited to be launching this new podcast with my wonderful daughter, Izzy. After my accident in 2006, I spent a lot of time looking out of my hospital window, questioning my emotions, thoughts, life decisions, you name it.

Ever since, I’ve been on a pretty big journey of self-discovery. Some (Izzy certainly) might call it a mid-life crisis… but what does that even mean? That’s exactly the kind of thing we are going to delve into in the podcast.

We can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve got lined up – expect lots of openness, laughs, Izzy putting me in my place and more.”

The pair will be joined by special guests including James May, Gregg Wallace, Spencer Matthews, Dr Alex George and Jodie Kidd. They cover different questions such as:

  • Is it okay to be masculine?
  • Should we talk about our feelings?
  • How do we navigate the modern world as a man today?
  • And what does a midlife crisis really mean?

Each week there will also be a bonus episode where Richard will take a look back on the main episode with help from his friend, Dr Jim Álvarez who is a clinical forensic and occupational psychologist.

This bonus episode will analyse each guest’s conversation to understand their motivations and what we can learn from them. Richard and Dr Jim Álvarez will also have candid conversations about their own lives.

The introductory episode will feature Richard, Izzy and Dr Jim Álvarez outlining what listeners can expect from the podcast series and discussing everything from Mani Pedis, anxiety and patriarchy to why Richard isn’t scared about crashing again.

Listeners can expect to hear never-heard-before stories, topical debates, plus lots of banter including Izzy taking her dad down a peg or two, as they try to figure out Who We Are Now.

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