Spider-Man: Far From Home: trailers, cast, release date, photos, plot & more

29 January 2019, 11:54 | Updated: 29 January 2019, 12:11

Tom Holland's Peter Parker is back. Find out everything we know in the next in the Spider-Man franchise.

Peter Parker is back. This time he’s headed to Europe for a (much-needed) holiday that takes a dark turn when Nick Fury suddenly turns up in his hotel room.

Tom Holland is reprising the role of Spider-Man, despite him meeting a sticky end in Avengers: Infinity War. The new Spider-Man will take place after the events of April's highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame, where all will be revealed.

Find out everything you need to know about the film below...

Stills from the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer
Stills from the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. Picture: Marvel/Spider-Man: Far From Home

When is Spider Man: Far From Home set for release?

Fans don’t have too long to wait for the film as it’s currently scheduled for a July 5th, 2019 release date. The trailer officially dropped on January 15th of this year but some lucky fans at Brazil Comic-Con got a sneak peek on December 8th.

Who will star?

Tom Holland will be returning as Peter Parker in the sequel to Spiderman: Homecoming. Zendaya will also return as Michelle/MJ, Maria Tomei as Aunt May and Jack Batalon as Parker’s friend Ned.

Jake Gyllenhaal confirmed he’s starring in the film by posting the Spider-Man trailer to Instagram, which he prefaced with cryptic video, declaring: "Get ready...Something’s comin..."

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Get ready...Something’s comin...🕷

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He will be playing villain Mysterio. Samuel L. Jackson will star as Nick Fury and Jon Favreau will return as Happy Hogan.

Crazy Rich Asians star Remy Hii has also joined the cast, although his role still remains a mystery. Turkish actor Nucam Acar has been cast in the film as Dimitri.  While there is yet to be much released about his character, fans will remember that in the comics, Dmitri Smerdyakov, is the real name of villain and one of Parker’s enemies ‘Chameleon’.

Where is it set and what will it be about?

The film revolves around a European trip that Peter Parker takes with his classmates. Parker wants to leave Spider-Man behind while he travels but things don’t go exactly as planned. Soon enough he’s recruited by Nick Fury to team up with Mysterio and battle against the Elementals.

While speaking at Brazil’s Comic-Con CCXP in December, cast member Jacob Batalon claimed that Mysterio (who is usually Spider-Man’s nemesis) will actually be on the good side of things this time.

Batalon said: ”It's basically just about the kids going on a European vacation. We go to London, we go to Prague, we go everywhere. It's just a really fun thing. There's a lot of dynamics that go on. A lot of relationship stuff. A lot of cool funny stuff. A lot of fun stunt stuff.”

He said: “Mysterio's a good guy in this, they're both teaming up to kill the game, to defeat these Elemental monsters.”

Jake Gyllenhaal also teased that we could be seeing a darker side to Spidey in this film, thanks to his character Mysterio. He said: “He teams up with the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man and unfortunately he has to make him become more than just a Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man."

What happened to Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War?

Fans will remember that Avengers: Infinity War ended with (spoiler alert) Parker and a number of other characters being killed off. We can expect to see exactly how Parker survives in Avengers: Endgame which is due out on April 26. The film is said to pick up where Endgame leaves off and will see Parker and his pals travel across Europe to destinations such as Venice, Prague, and London.

What are the reactions so far?

Fans are looking forward to seeing how Parker lives through the Avengers drama to make his summer holiday in Europe. They are also excited to see Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio with many fans taking to Twitter to express their anticipation.

One fan wrote: “Mysterio has always been my favourite Spider-Man villain. The classic fishbowl look has always been one of my favourite character designs. Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the best actors on the planet. Gimme this movie.”


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