Is Danny Dyer Set A For New Show Exploring His Family Tree?

10 August 2018, 21:27 | Updated: 10 August 2018, 21:31

Danny Dyer at the British Soap Awards in 2016
Danny Dyer at the British Soap Awards in 2016. Picture: Matt Crossick/PA Archive/PA Images

According to reports, the EastEnders actor is set to star in another show delving into his family history.

Danny Dyer is reportedly set to star in a show exploring his family tree, following the success of his Who Do You Think You Are? episode. 

In one of the most notable instalments of the BBC programme, the EastEnders' actor was left shocked when he found he was distantly related to Edward III and William The Conqueror.

Now it has been reported that a new programme will delve deeper into the star's roots, which we expect will be packed with hilarious and classic Danny Dyer moments.

Watch a clip of the original show below:

A source told The Sun's Bizarre Column: “The reaction to Danny’s Who Do You Think You Are? ­episode was huge last time, so bosses thought they should go back and have another look. There is only so much of the genealogy journey you can show in an hour, so viewers will get to have another delve into the deep, dark history of Danny Dyer and co.”

The show is reportedly being made by ­Wall to Wall, which is also behind popular series Long Lost Family.

Watch Danny Dyer's foul-mouthed rant on Brexit:


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