The best gadgets to buy for Christmas 2018

15 December 2018, 14:00 | Updated: 15 December 2018, 14:01

The Best Gadgets and Tech Toys for Christmas 2018
The Best Gadgets and Tech Toys for Christmas 2018. Picture: Amazon

Tomorrow's Nerd podcast hosts Jason Bradbury and Andy Jaye bring you the best new gadgets and tech toys to get your hands on this Christmas.

Peter Jenkinson, the world's only Toyologist, has joined the hosts of the new Tomorrow’s Nerd podcast Andy and Jason to pick some amazing gifts for your “difficult to buy for” friends or relatives. Here’s what they came up with...

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  1. Nerf Laser Ops Pro

    Nerf Laser Ops Pro
    Nerf Laser Ops Pro. Picture: Amazon

    Laser battles in your living room! You can play solo, or in a team and even connect it to your phone for real-time battle info.

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  2. Instant Air Hockey

    Instant Air Hockey
    Instant Air Hockey. Picture: Amazon

    Any table can be instantly turned into an air hockey pitch with this beautifully simple idea. Tomorrow’s Nerd says: If I was going to choose one to give as a gift it would be this.”

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  3. Atari Retro Handheld Console

    Atari Retro Handheld Console
    Atari Retro Handheld Console. Picture: Amazon

    50 classic Atari games - including Asteroids, Pong and Centipede - are built in to this dinky handheld console. Jason Bradbury says: "I think you need two, I would keep one and give the other away."

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  4. MekaMon

    MekaMon. Picture: Amazon

    "The future of robotics is in your living room" say our experts - this gaming robot has a personality that you can program, but also has Artificial Intelligence that means it will play when you’re not looking. Isn’t this how Terminator got started?

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  5. Boxer The Robot

    Boxer the Robot
    Boxer the Robot. Picture: Amazon

    This cute droid can play 10 pre-programmed games and show a whole range of emotions. Like a Tamagotchi, but more fun.

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  6. Prynt Pocket

    Prynt Pocket
    Prynt Pocket. Picture: Amazon

    Ever thought about turning your iPhone into a palm-sized instant camera? Well now you can! You can print Polaroid-style photos from your phone snaps, no problem - just like in the olden days.

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  7. Celestron Inspire 80AZ

    Celestron Inspire 80AZ
    Celestron Inspire 80AZ. Picture: Amazon

    This entry-level telescope is great for staring at comets, stars and spaceships. Andy and Jason are super-keen on it: "I really want to get a telescope and you’ve just sold me that one!” As a bonus, it comes with a smartphone adapter to dump those celestial shots onto your moby.

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  8. Kindle PaperWhite

    Kindle PaperWhite
    Kindle PaperWhite. Picture: Amazon

    The latest edition of the ever-popular Kindle is now thinner, lighter... and waterproof. Tomorrow's Nerd say: "The number of features at this price point has me blown away… I love it”

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  9. Gravitrax

    Gravitrax. Picture: Amazon

    Classic marble fun, turned up to 11. You can build freestyle tracks for metal ballbearings that teach children about not only gravity, but magnetism and kinetic energy, using slingshots and even a cannon!

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  10. Beasts Of Balance

    Beasts Of Balance
    Beasts Of Balance. Picture: Amazon

    Balance the animal models into a tower which interacts with an iPad to create a special digital world. A bit like playing Jenga with Pokemon and great for family bonding/arguments.

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  11. Beyer Dynamic DT990 Headphones

    Beyer Dynamic DT990 Headphones
    Beyer Dynamic DT990 Headphones. Picture: Amazon

    Some pretty slick professional headphones with a superb sound and the added bonus of actually being comfortable - "just like wearing marshmallows".

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  12. Money Monsters

    Money Monsters
    Money Monsters. Picture:

    The ideal way to teach children about money and saving these colourfully-designed money boxes link with a Santander bank account rather than collecting coins and notes.

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