Richard Ashcroft: The Rolling Stones Are An Institution

25 September 2018, 16:07

Richard Ashcroft and Mick Jagger
Richard Ashcroft and Mick Jagger. Picture: Press

The former Verve frontman has praised the legendary rockers, putting their Bitter Sweet Symphony drama aside.

Richard Ashcroft has gushed about The Rolling Stones, calling them an "institution".

The Verve legend appeared on Soccer AM last weekend, where he gushed about the veteran rockers, and said it was an "honour" to support them despite his historical legal battle with the band.

"Bless them, I love them. They're an institution," said the Surprised by the Joy singer.

"The Rolling Stones will live forever. It was an honour for me to play with them no matter what went on with Bitter Sweet [Symphony]".

Watch a clip of his interview here:

The famous legal battle saw former Rolling Stones manager Allen Klein file a lawsuit on behalf of himself (under his holding company ABKCO Records), against The Verve's Bitter Sweet Symphony track for their sample of The Last Time.

Speaking of the suit, Ashcroft told the Soccer AM studio: "ABKCO music out there I'm coming for you.

"What's his name? Allen Klein junior, I know you live in New York. I'm going to disturb one of your yoga sessions and ask for that 15 million back you owe me."

He concluded: "But apart from that, no sweat with The Stones.

Find out more about the Bitter Sweet Symphony lawsuit here

Richard Ashcroft supported Mick Jagger and co. at Manchester's Old Trafford this year, while his mate Liam Gallagher did the honour at London Stadium.

Joking at the time about why the former Oasis frontman didn't play his hometown, Jagger gave a pretty decent explanation.

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Meanwhile, Ashcroft is preparing to release his fifth solo album, Natural Rebel, on 19 October 2018.

Richard Ashcroft's Natural Rebel album
Richard Ashcroft's Natural Rebel album. Picture: Artwork/Press

To support the record, Ashcroft will play some intimate shows this winter in venues across the UK including Glasgow, Middlesbrough, Nottingham, Manchester & London.

Watch Richard Ashcroft talk about The Verve's Sonnet ballad: