Have you ever seen the OTHER version of the Mr Brightside video?

15 June 2021, 18:08 | Updated: 15 June 2021, 18:12

Which do you prefer? The "indie" original, or the glossy "remake" of the classic Killers tune?

The early months of lockdown in 2020 saw The Killers take part in VEVO's Watch This - a series which saw the rockers look back at their most famous single and the video that accompanied it: Mr. Brightside.

During the Googlebox-style video, frontman Brandon Flowers and drummer Ronnie Viannucci Jr. relived the memories of making the promo for the hit single and they reminded us that there were in fact two videos shot for the 2003 single.

Flowers recalled: "We made an indie version of the video probably months before this on the East Coast and it wasn't as much of a production".

He wasn't exaggerating. The original video saw the band perform the track in black and white, as Brandon Flowers played up sheepishly to the camera.

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By the time their famous video was released, the band had upgraded to colour, a set, dancers, extras, a love interest and a famous actor in Eric Roberts.

Talking about the experience making the classic video, Brandon Flowers said: "This was the first time we had been on a real soundstage and had all these cameras".

He added: "Eric Roberts is a great villain. Look at that voice. [...] They wanted me to look pissed at Eric Roberts and I am not a professional actor. It's just horrible. He is so great, he smooches at me..."

It's hard to compare the indie original to its glossy upgrade, but which video do you think you prefer today?

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