Ian Brown hits back at criticism after anti-mask, lockdown and vaccinations tweet

12 September 2020, 12:00

Ian Brown in 2018
Ian Brown in 2018. Picture: Press

The Stone Roses rocker has doubled down on his comments from the last week and addressed the criticism from some fans that he's not qualified to speak about the matter.

Ian Brown has hit back at criticisms of his recent comments amid the coronavirus pandemic and called out US software developer and entrepreneur Bill Gates in the process.

The former Stone Roses frontman hit the headlines last week when he posted a tweet, which appeared to show his scepticism of lockdown, mask wearing and even vaccinations.

Now, after being criticised by some of his fans, the Fools Gold singer has slammed those asking for his scientific credentials, writing: "To all of you asking about my medical qualifications i have the same as the computer seller bill gates (biggest funder of the world health organisation)".

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The tweet has already been retweeted thousands of times, with reactions on both sides of the argument.

One fan wrote: "I love you Ian but bill gates isn’t making the vaccine he’s funding it with his billions".

However, another supported the Manchester rocker, writing: "Well said Ian - so good to see one of my heroes is not a member of the bedwetting brigade!"

Bill Gates, who - despite being a Harvard dropout - has since received many honorary doctorates, including one at the Ivy league college and the likes of Cambridge University.

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While many fans are divided over Ian Brown's statements, his former bandmate John Squire seems to think very differently, posting on Twitter week: "Wear a mask. stay safe. Look after yourself and others #morecambeandwise."

The Reverend and The Makers Twitter account also posted: "I love Ian Brown so much. Bit gutted he's tweeted that tbh."

However, fellow Manchester musician Liam Gallagher has been uncharacteristically tight-lipped over his idol's beliefs.

The former Oasis frontman was asked his opinion on Ian Brown's comments by a fan earlier this week and very diplomatically replied: "Ooh trick question".

When another fan suggested that the I Am The Resurrection rocker was "silly," Liam dug his heels in and replied: "You don’t tell me what to say".

While Liam's refusing to comment on this particular topic, he's not kept his feelings about the pandemic completely to himself in the past.

When asked what he thought about having to wear a mask earlier this year, the Shockwave singer was a bit more forthcoming, saying: "Don’t like but it’s gotta be done think it’s a crime to hide this face".

Earlier in lockdown, the Wall of Glass singer was so committed to lockdown, he even shared a video of himself washing his hands for 20 seconds to the likes of Wonderwall and Supersonic.

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