John Lydon thinks there's "no cultural heroes" in music today

13 February 2023, 13:58

John Lydon PiL at The O2 Forum Kentish Town
John Lydon has talked about heroes in a new interview . Picture: Gus Stewart/Redferns/Getty

The PiL frontman has given a new interview, where he's talked about everything from cultural icons to his wife Nora's battle with Alzheimer's.

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John Lydon thinks there's no more cultural icons today.

The 67-year-old rock star - shot to fame as Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten and went on to become the frontman of Public Image Ltd, but has but insisted that there is nothing on the music scene like the God Save the Queen rockers today.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, he bemoaned: "You have no cultural heroes now. Just fraudulent political theorists!"

The punk icon also recently took part in a bid with PiL to represent Ireland in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, were beaten by rock band Wild Youth's song We Are One.

PiL's song, Hawaii, was written by Lydon and described as a "love letter" to his wife Nora, who is battling Alzheimer's.

Watch them perform the song on RTE's The Late Late Show:

Public Image Limited - Hawaii | The Late Late Show | RTÉ One

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Speaking about looking after his wife, the German publishing heiress Nora Forster who he married in 1979, he revealed it has "shaped" him into who he is today.

“All the things I thought were the ultimate agony seem preposterous now,” Lydon told The Times. “It’s shaped me into what I am. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it."

He added: "I don’t see how I can live without her. I wouldn’t want to. There’s no point.”

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John Lydon previously appeared on This Morning talking about the impact of the progressive neurologic disorder and was moved to tears.

“At this time in our lives we were imagining I suppose... doing nothing and leading a care-free existence," he told the presenters.

"That’s not the case anymore. She requires 24/7 attention and I’m more than willing to give her that, because the life she’s given me up 'til now has been amazing.”

He added, tearfully: “And if I could get that across with a song, well hello. Hello there.”

The Sex Pistols rocker John Lydon breaks down while talking about wife’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis on This Morning

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