Richard Ashcroft shares acoustic version of This Thing Called Life

22 September 2021, 11:08

Richard Ashcroft performs in 2018
Richard Ashcroft shares acoustic track. Picture: Press/Robin Pope,

By Jenny Mensah

The new take on the song comes from the former Verve frontman's forthcoming Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1 album.

Richard Ashcroft has shared a new stripped back version of his This Thing Called Life track for his new album Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1.

The song, which was originally recorded for Ashcroft's RPA & The United Nations of Sound side project, has been revamped as part of his upcoming acoustic album, which celebrates the best of his solo work and The Verve hits.

It comes alongside a video, which features footage from across Ashcroft's life and career. The video also sees Ashcroft performing the new version, while watching his life on the screen at Richmond Theatre.

Watch it below:

Richard Ashcroft - This Thing Called Life (Official Video)

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The song follows a new version of Bittersweet Symphony, which was released earlier this month.

Listen to it here:

Richard Ashcroft - Bittersweet Symphony [Official Audio]

Speaking to Radio X, Ashcroft revealed that it was his rights issue with The Rolling Stones over the track that acted as a catalyst for his whole acoustic album.

He told Chris Moyles: "What stimulated it was when when The [Rolling] Stones and other people owned the publishing to the song and sometimes early days when I would play it live, I'd go 'OK I'm going to strip it right back now with the acoustic just on my own and show people that there is a real heart to this song.'"

Richard Ashcroft on his new acoustic album and more

He continued: "So what we did was we got in touch with The Stones' people and said, 'If Rich does this other version and there's no sample in it, can we have a discussion?'

"The great thing was that, that just seemed to accelerate from there into Mick [Jagger] and Keith [Richards] signing over the whole lot for all of it. So the catalyst for this album [was] the song and then that opened up the door. This other version of it is bizarrely more Stones-y than the original. Very Stones-y and that's the irony."

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Richard Ashcroft Acoustic Hymns Vol.
Richard Ashcroft Acoustic Hymns Vol. Picture: Press

Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1 tracklist:

1. Bittersweet Symphony
2. A Song For The Lovers
3. Sonnet
4. C’mon People (We’re Making It Now)
5. Weeping Willow
6. Lucky Man
7. This Thing Called Life
8. Space & Time
9. Velvet Morning
10. Break The Night With Colour
11. One Day
12. The Drugs Don’t Work