Brian May answers his Most Googled Questions

21 August 2021, 21:00 | Updated: 1 December 2021, 16:37

Just what is the Queen legend's guitar made out of? And what exactly is he a Doctor of? Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the superstar.

Brian May is a living legend. He's been the guitarist with Queen for half a century and has written some of the most iconic rock songs ever written, performing some of the most famous gigs in history. And he invented the rock video! Possibly.

The musician is currently enjoying a re-release of his acclaimed solo album from 1992, Back To The Light, so we thought it was high time to get the definitive answers on some of the questions that he's always asked.

Such as...

  • What is Brian May a doctor of?
  • Where is Brian May from?
  • What is Brian May's favourite solo song?
  • What is Brian May's guitar made of?
  • Why does Brian May use a coin to play guitar?
  • Who is Brian May married to?
  • And the one you've always wanted to know the answer to... Are Brian May and James May related?

Brian May's remastered album, Back To The Light, is out now - for full details, see

Brian May's Back To The Light album
Brian May's Back To The Light album. Picture: Press


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