VIDEO: Matt Bellamy Discusses Muse Playing Glastonbury Again

28 July 2018, 11:30 | Updated: 30 July 2018, 11:52

The frontman has talked about Muse's new album, their tour schedule and whether they'd headline the Somerset festival once more.

Matt Bellamy has discussed whether Muse would headline Glastonbury Festival for a fourth time.

Watch our video above.

The Something Human trio have already topped the bill on the Pyramid Stage in 2004, 2010 and 2016, but have yet to match Coldplay's record of becoming the festival's most headlined act.

Speaking to Radio X's Gordon Smart about how they'd bring their new album to life on tour, frontman Bellamy said: "We’re gonna stick with the visual theme you’re seeing in the videos, and we’re going to try and find a way of translating that vibe into the live show.

He added: "We’re lucky because we’re living through this time where there’s all this new technology. Every time you come to do a tour, there’s always something new you can use.

"We’re exploring all the different new techs that are out there, and we’re gonna go out on the road hopefully next summer or spring time next year.

When Gordon joked that would be just in time for Glastonbury 2019, the rocker quipped: "We’ve done that three times now! I’m not sure they’ll let us back in!"

Watch Muse discuss not getting signed below:

Matt Bellamy also revealed there's eleven original songs on Muse's new album, plus "seven or eight extra tunes".

This week saw them share another slice of the new album - which is set for release in November - in the form of their retro, Teen Wolf-inspired Something Human video.

Find out why they went for an 80s-theme once again here:

Speaking about the record he said: "We’ve got three out now, Dig Down, Thought Contagion and Something Human, then we’ve got another song Pressure, which will come out just before the album.

"That’s a more straight Muse rock track, like a different riff every ten seconds, basically. The album’s coming out in November, we’ve got eleven tunes on there.

"Plus, there’s gonna be about seven or eight extra tunes, like acoustic versions, stuff like that. We’re just in the process of finishing that off right now. We’re pretty excited about it."

Watch their new video here:

MUSE - Something Human [Official Music Video]


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