Matt Bellamy teases Muse tour with giant robot suit

8 February 2019, 10:45

The frontman claims he’s getting “geared up” for the Simulation Theory world tour.

Matt Bellamy has shared an amazing clip showing rehearsals for the new Muse world tour… in which he’s seen practising inside a giant robot suit.

The frontman posted the clip on Instagram, saying he’s getting “geared up” for the Simulation Theory World Tour, which kicks off at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on 22 February.

Bellamy appears inside a massive exo-skeleton, working on his moves. As the graphics for the album Simulation Theory has a distinctly 80s vibe, Radio X wonders if the inspiration is from Ripley’s battle with the Alien Queen in a similar suit in the film 1986 Aliens…?

Bellamy told Gordon Smart last year that 80s blockbusters were part of his musical inspiration: “I realised that when I was growing up in the early 80s, my first exposure to music was through those kind of films! It kind of occurred to me during the making of this album that probably had a bigger impact on my whole visual aesthetic for Muse. Like, bringing in fantasy and crazy stuff like that.”

He went on: “In the 90s, everything was deadly serious, earnest, but now people like visuals that are more fantastical, a bit more out there. Also, a sign of our times is doing something nostalgic, but also futuristic.”

Take a look at the clip and see what you think. The Simulation Theory tour comes to London Stadium on 1 June and Manchester’s Etihad Stadium on 8 June.


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