The best Muse lyrics

9 June 2020, 10:00 | Updated: 9 June 2020, 10:01

Muse in 1999: Dom Howard, Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme
Muse in 1999: Dom Howard, Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme. Picture: Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Radio X flips through the Matt Bellamy songbook and picks his finest words of wisdom.

  1. “Rise up and take the power back/It's time the fat cats had a heart attack/You know that their time's coming to an end/We have to unify and watch our flag ascend.”

    Uprising (2009)

  2. “No one's gonna take me alive / The time has come to make things right / You and I must fight for our rights / You and I must fight to survive.”

    Knights Of Cydonia (2006)

  3. “I want to reconcile the violence in your heart / I want to recognise your beauty's not just a mask.”

    Undisclosed Desires (2009)

  4. “Look to the stars / Let hope burn in your eyes / And we'll love / And we'll hate / And we'll die / All to no avail.”

    Stockholm Syndrome (2003)

  5. “You're something beautiful / A contradiction / I wanna play the game / I want the friction.”

    Time Is Running Out (2003)

  6. “Your mind is just a program / And I'm the virus / I'm changing the station / I'll improve your thresholds.”

    Psycho (2015)

  7. “My plug in baby / Crucifies my enemies / When I'm tired of giving / My plug in baby / In unbroken virgin realities / I'm tired of living.”

    Plug In Baby (2001)

  8. “Everything about you is how I'd wanna be / Your freedom comes naturally / Everything about you resonates happiness / Now I won't settle for less.”

    Bliss (2001)

  9. “Life will flash before my eyes / So scattered and lost / I want to touch the other side”

    Map Of The Problematique (2007)

  10. “Oh baby don't you know I suffer / Oh baby can't you hear me moan? / You caught me under false pretences / How long before you let me go?”

    Supermassive Black Hole (2006)

  11. “You've got to be the best / You've got to change the world / And use this chance to be heard / Your time is now.”

    Butterflies And Hurricanes (2004)

  12. “Our hopes and expectations / Black holes and revelations.”

    Starlight (2006)


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