Jamie T on The Theory Of Whatever

25 July 2022, 11:14 | Updated: 25 July 2022, 11:28

Jamie T has returned with his first album in six years - watch him take John Kennedy through the songs, track by track.

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It's been six long years since Jamie T's last album, 2016's Trick. The Wimbledon singer-songwriter has returned with The Theory Of Whatever, which comes a full 15 years after Jamie's debut, Panic Prevention.

Trailed by the Radio X-playlisted tune The Old Style Raiders, Jamie's fifth studio album has been recorded with former Maccabees member Hugo White.

Jamie Treays came into the Radio X studios to talk through The Theory Of Whatever with the most trusted man in music John Kennedy, in one of X-Posure's trademark Album Playback sessions.

One question is on John's mind: the album cover sees the musician dressed as a golfer getting a hole in one. As a South West London resident himself, John asks Wimbledon-born Jamie if he took the cover photo on one of the local golf courses?

Jamie T - The Theory Of Whatever track by track
Jamie T - The Theory Of Whatever track by track. Picture: Radio X

"It could not be further from the truth, unfortunately," Jamie replied. "Actually I'm in Melbourne, in Australia."

But, asked a puzzled John, "You've got two golf courses on your doorstep, but you had to fly to the other side of the world to get a picture of you playing golf?"

"It feels very me, that," admitted the musician. "There's not really much of a reason. It's called fifth album syndrome, folks. We starting to worry less about things that."

He went on: "We had an original album cover and an original album title, and we weren't able to use it for copyright reasons. In the end, I had not long to come up with an album title, and I had a song called The Theory of Whatever. And I thought that was quite a nice name."

Jamie T - The Theory Of Whatever album artwork
Jamie T - The Theory Of Whatever album artwork. Picture: Press

"One thing I have found with getting a bit older, is I'm more comfortable in my skin. I have a little bit less of a worry about what people think about anything, which is a nice, comforting thing. But it also allows me to just say, you know, whatever.

"So The Theory Of Whatever felt kind of apt. Putting someone hitting a hole in one on the front cover felt funny and tongue in cheek. And the reason flew to Australia is because I can!"

You can watch the full track by track interview above, or listen to the show again on Global Player's catch-up service.

Jamie T - The Theory Of Whatever track listing:

  1. 90s Cars
  2. The Old Style Raiders
  3. British Hell
  4. The Terror Of Lambeth Love
  5. Keying Lamborghinis
  6. St. George Wharf Tower
  7. A Million & One New Ways To Die
  8. Thank You
  9. Between The Rocks
  10. Sabre Tooth
  11. Talk Is Cheap
  12. Old Republican
  13. 50,000 Unmarked Bullets
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