Jamie T's best lyrics

8 January 2022, 13:00

Jamie T in September 2009
Jamie T in September 2009. Picture: Titia Hahne/Redferns/Getty

Mr Treays is one of the UK's most underrated lyricists. We take a look at the words and the wisdom of the South London troubadour.

  1. "Drunk she stumbles down by a river / Screams calling London/ None of us heard her coming / I guess the carpet weren't rolled out."


  2. "Hold your own in the situation, don't be afraid to be a friend."


  3. "You were always meant to walk out that job / You keep stopping, should tell your girl more often / That loving is all about doors unlocking."

    If You Got The Money

  4. "Drunk and being sick, I feel like shit, I gotta quit. / I hope I haven't missed the last train gonna be stuck in Hampton Wick, / With the boys across the platform shouting "lightweight pr*ck!" / I'm a featherweight champion, cheap to get p*ssed."

    Sticks 'N' Stones

  5. "She clutched my hand in the Brixton Jamm, / Then slammed another man in a foreign land. / My heart sunk and I drunk and I understand, / It's hard being rich in a poor man's land."

    Crossfire Love

  6. "So we're here now but we will be gone soon / But not today not tomorrow not the next tune"

    Calm Down Dearest

  7. "A lot of people around here lost the white in their eyes / I see the lust inside your heart, so why don't you go and touch the sky?"

    Chaka Demus

  8. "And why is it New Year's Eve is always sh*t? / Don't you know what I mean man, deal with it."

    Alicia Quays

  9. "Bruised and bloody, I'm lying on the ground / And I am aware that I let the poor girl down / Now I'm dying as a message to the town / This is what happens if you f**k around."

    Emily's Heart

  10. "There's a few things that are true / In this life of wonder, / Everybody hates the law, / And everyone loves a bank robber."

    Robin Hood

  11. "I ain't no abacus but you can count on me."


  12. "There's fire in her eyes in the altercation / She blames her poverty on her parents generation / She says they sniffed it up their nose now they want our payments / Its f**king cold in here, the landlord's tryna make us vagrants."

    The Prophet

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