Best Albums of 2021: Inhaler on It Won't Always Be Like This

27 December 2021, 11:00

One of the hottest new bands of 2021 take John Kennedy through their No 1 debut album.

Inhaler are a four-piece band from Dublin, formed in 2012, and whose claim to fame seemed to be that frontman Elijah Hewson was the son of U2 star Bono.

However, 2021 has seen Inhaler come out from the long shadow of the singer's famous father and have scored a No 1 with their impressive debut album It Won't Always Be Like This.

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Inhaler in 2021: Robert Keating, Elijah Hewson, Ryan MacMahon and Josh Jenkinson.
Inhaler in 2021: Robert Keating, Elijah Hewson, Ryan MacMahon and Josh Jenkinson. Picture: Press

Released on Friday 9 July 2021, the album is an accomplished set of indie-rock, with a leaning towards classic 80s post-punk. Tracks like My Honest Face, Ice Cream Sundae and the epic title track have created a buzz around the band, and their heavy touring schedule across the year has gained them many more fans.

When asked if his famous dad had an influence on his music, Elijah explained: "Definitely subconsciously, yeah. Just from hearing him play a song in the house and listening to it and he critiques it, and that sort of stuff.

"But I'd never ask him for advice - only advice about where am I going to live next year and that sort of thing. I try not to ask him about music."

Earlier this year, Hewson was joined by his bandmates Josh Jenkinson (guitar_, Rob Keating (bass) and Ryan McMahon (drums) to talk about the making of It Won't Always Be Like This and its influences.

Watch Elijah Hewson cover Sam Fender's Saturday:

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