Lewis Hamilton plays guitar David Bowie secretly gifted to him

27 April 2021, 13:56 | Updated: 27 April 2021, 13:59

Lewis Hamilton and David Bowie
Lewis Hamilton and David Bowie. Picture: 1. Instagram/Lewis Hamilton 2. NILS MEILVANG/AFP via Getty Images

By Jenny Mensah

The F1 driver revealed that the late Heroes icon sent him two guitars without leaving a note or a letter before his passing.

Lewis Hamilton has shared a clip of himself played a guitar gifted to him by David Bowie.

The F1 driver took to his Instagram to share the impressive looking instrument, which he explained came without a note many years ago and revealed he was only taking it out and playing it properly for the first time.

Showing his impressive skills on the guitar he captioned the clip: "Excuse all the mistakes, I’m far from good. But this is first take playing this guitar that David Bowie sent to me some years ago. I love this guitar and will cherish it forever. I never got to say thank you him or his family so if they see this, thank you so much for this. Love💜"

Watch him in action here:

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The clip was quickly picked up by Bowie's widow Iman, who showed her appreciation with emojis.

The model, entrepreneur and philanthropist wasn't the only famous face to take notice, with everyone from will.i.am to Steve Aoki praising him on his efforts.

Meanwhile, David Bowie's official page went on to repost the story behind the gift, which Lewis Hamilton shared in another video.

Looking to the camera, Hamilton revealed: "I couple years ago I got home to this beautiful gift of these two guitars and I had no idea who they were from, where they came from, or why they were in my apartment.

"And it was only until about a year later that I discovered David Bowie had sent me these guitars and this was before his death."

He added: "I'm so sad that I never even knew. There was no letter or message with it, but Iater on we found out from someone that said that he was a fan, which I found so hard to believe."

Speaking about his father's chance encounter with the Ziggy Stardust icon, the MBE recalled: "My dad would always tell me about a story about [how] he met him in London somewhere on the street and he managed to say hi to him. This was years before we even got to Formula One and said that he was one of the nicest people ever."

Lewis Hamilton admitted it was one of the first times he'd really properly picked up the guitar and attempted to play it, but wanted to share the story as a fan of Bowie's music and to encourage people to "keep shining" because they don't know who they might inspire.

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