VIDEO: What the Go Compare man REALLY looks and sounds like...

3 April 2019, 16:59 | Updated: 3 April 2019, 17:15

Wynne Evans, who stars in the famous comparison site's adverts, was this week's mystery guest on The Chris Moyles Show.

This week's mystery guest was someone we all know very well, but wouldn't necessarily recognise in the flesh.

The Go Compare man, also known as Gio Compario, is actually a proud Welsh tenor called Wynne Evans.

But if you think his fictional character has a larger than life personality, just wait until you hear some of Wynne's stories!

Watch our video above to hear his stories on everyone from Stephen Hawking to the Sheila's Wheels ladies!

Find out what happened when the mystery guest was the Arctic Monkeys' cover star:

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