VIDEO: Chris Moyles rigged Dom's science experiment and he was fuming

28 March 2019, 14:37

Dom got all dressed up in his white coat and goggles to do a science experiment live on-air, but little did he know it was rigged from the start.

Dom fancies himself a bit of a hair-brained scientist, so this week on The Chris Moyles Show, he decided to conduct an experiment.

Pleased as punch with himself, Dom went down to the Radio X basement, donned a lab coat and used a very dramatic accent to create an exothermic reaction.

Watch Dom's experiment go horribly wrong in our video above.

Ah well...

We guess Dom can forget adding a mad scientist to the list of his many talents... But he's not bad at guessing McCoy's crisps flavours.

Watch Dom play the McCoy's crisps game:

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