VIDEO: When Producer Matt got pranked over his pet Turtle Archie

6 April 2019, 14:00 | Updated: 6 April 2019, 14:01

Chris and the team convinced Matt he may have killed his pet turtle and even got the fake RSPCA involved. Watch the hilarious video here...

This week saw Producer Matt reveal that sadly his pet turtle Archie died.

After explaining how he buried the reptile in the garden, this prompted our wonderful listeners to suggest it was possible that Archie was actually just hibernating.

Naturally, Chris Moyles and the team used it as an opportunity to prank Matt and make him believe that poor little Archie could have been sleeping all along.

Watch the first part of the saga above.

No turtles were harmed in the making of this prank

Watch our second video of the prank, where Matt called back 'Ethan at the RSPCA' to apologise and make sure they knew he wasn't a killer:

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