Does James Buckley have Mr. Brightside to thank for meeting wife Clair?

29 September 2022, 17:51

James & Clair Buckley on how they met and writing their book

The husband and wife team have released their first ever book and told Chris Moyles about the first time they met.

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James and Clair Buckley popped into The Chris Moyles Show this week and talked about everything from their new book to how they got together.

Asked about their love story, James revealed: "The short answer is we met in Liverpool when I was doing a DJ gig. It was quite normal. Not particularly exciting or anything."

Asked if their eyes met across a crowded nightclub, he joked; "That's what it was, yeah. The eyes met and I thought: 'You'll do'".

Quizzed what track he would have been playing, he added: "It would have been, I dunno. It would have been Bloc Party or something like that."

The Inbetweeners star continued:" Mr. Brightside I would have thought. You have to play that about 12 times a night."

When Moyles asked if she was the brains behind their book, At Home With The Buckleys, Clair replied: "I'm the mastermind behind all of this," to which James joked: "You can take credit for it! I'm trying to distance myself."

At Home With The Buckleys: Scummy stories and misadventures from modern family life is released from Thursday 29th September.

James & Clair Buckley tell Chris Moyles how they met
James & Clair Buckley tell Chris Moyles how they met. Picture: Radio X

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