Meet Krysta Rodriguez, the actress who plays Liza Minnelli in Netflix's Halston

17 May 2021, 16:03 | Updated: 18 May 2021, 09:10

Krysta Rodriguez and Ewan McGregor in Netflix's Halston
Krysta Rodriguez and Ewan McGregor in Netflix's Halston. Picture: Netflix

By Emma Clarke

American fashion designer Halston had a particularly close friendship with Liza Minnelli.

Netflix's latest biopic series is centred around iconic fashion designer Halston and his relationship with the Studio 54 elite.

As well as having ties to the likes of Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger and Anjelica Huston, Halston had a particularly close friendship with singer and actress, Liza Minnelli.

Not only was he instrumental in shaping Minnelli's look and style throughout the 60s and 70s, he designed her famous canary yellow Oscars dress the year she won Best Actress for Cabaret.

Starring as Judy Garland's daughter in the new Netflix series is theatre pro Krysta Rodriguez.

Here's everything you need to know about the star - including what else she's been in and how she took on the role of Liza Minnelli.

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Krysta Rodriguez at the Nova Ball 2019
Krysta Rodriguez plays Liza Minnelli in Halston. Picture: Getty

Who is Krysta Rodriguez?

Born on July 23, 1984, Krysta Rodriguez is an American actress and singer who grew up in Orange County, California.

Taking dance lessons from the age of 13, Krysta decided to branch into singing and acting after visiting New York's Broadway.

She was then cast in Colby's Clubhouse between 1995-2000.

Later, she attended the Orange County High School of Arts, where she developed her singing, acting and dancing skills.

Although she did get into New York University and attended college for a few years, she soon dropped out to start her career.

Speaking of the decision to quit, Rodriguez said: "... Though I would have loved to finish I did not get that opportunity because I started working. So…no degree in musical theatre, but so far an okay career."

She made her Broadway debut in 2005 with Good Vibrations, before featuring in Spring Awakening, The Boy Friend, A Chorus Line and more.

Halston and Liza regularly hit up New York's Studio 54
Halston and Liza regularly hit up New York's Studio 54. Picture: Netflix

How Krysta prepared for the role of Liza Minnelli in Netflix's Halston

Starring alongside Scottish actor, Ewan McGregor, Krysta Rodriguez plays the icon that is Liza Minnelli in Netflix's Halston.

"One of the things I respect so much about her was she was a feminist, and was very in touch with her body and her messiness," Rodriguez says of her character.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, she added: "Liza knew she wasn't going to get anywhere just being Judy Garland's daughter; she had to do something different. Once she was herself, which was actually a lot more freewheeling, guttural, and reactionary, she became her own thing.

"That's what I try to do in my life, which is why I relate to Liza so much. I'm not going to be the highest belter or the best dancer, but I will be the best storyteller.

"That's where my strength lies, and then follow through with that and keep honing that."

Halston Trailer Starring Ewan McGregor

What else has Krysta Rodriguez been in?

Beyond her latest role as Minnelli, Rodriguez is known for playing Ana Vargas in Smash, Summer Henderson in Trial & Error and Ms Crumble in Daybreak.

You may also recognise her from teen drama Gossip Girl, in which she played Jordan Steele. Steele was the chair of the literary department at Yale, who Dan Humphrey had a meeting with to get into the prestigious Ivy League college. Nate Archibald, meanwhile, convinced Steele that he was in fact Dan Humphrey, to escape the gossip surrounding his father's arrest.

Is she on Instagram?

You can follow Krysta Rodriguez on Instagram @krysta_rod.

What is Krysta working on next?

According to Krysta's IMDB page, she is not currently working on a new project, but with Halston being a massive success for the streaming giant, there's no doubt she will be snapped up for a new film, TV series or theatre production soon.

Halston is available to watch on Netflix now.

Halston Trailer Starring Ewan McGregor

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