Jack Whitehall recalls unnerving gun-based heckle during Texas stand-up show

8 March 2023, 16:39 | Updated: 8 March 2023, 16:44

Jack Whitehall on a scary heckle he received!

Radio X

By Radio X

The actor and comedian has revealed why he felt a little nervous about performing stand-up to American audiences.

Jack Whitehall has revealed the terrifying moment he was reminded of American gun laws during a stand up show in the United States.

The actor and comedian has just completed tour dates on the other side of the pond and told Radio X's Chris Moyles why he was slightly more nervous of the reactions there.

The Fresh Meat star recalled: "In Texas - and I don't want to perpetuate the stereotype - but this genuinely happened. I was five minutes into my set and I was ribbing the audience in quite an innocuous way about... It was something like having a pop at them for calling The World Series, 'The World Series' 'cause America's the only team that enter.

"Quite soft comedy. Anyway, a guy shouted out: 'Hey careful, Jack. We've got guns here.' I was like, 'Wow. We're in America now'."

Jack Whitehall recalls unnerving gun-based heckle in the Texas
Jack Whitehall recalls unnerving gun-based heckle in Texas. Picture: Jeremychanphotography/Getty Images/ Radio X

Asked if the heckle got a laugh from the crowd, he told Moyles: "Yes! It got a round of applause. It was the biggest reaction from the crowd all night.

"I couldn't top it. And then I was very nervous for the rest of the show."

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Jack Whitehall is set to take part in Birra Moretti's first TV series Live Italian, in which he, Maya Jama and Lawrence Dallaglio explore Italian culture and discover what it means to ‘live Italian’.

Live Italian will be available on Prime Video from 10th March 2023.


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