TikTok's Smithy Family thank fans for support after devastating arson attack

17 July 2021, 12:00

The Smithy Family give update following fire
The Smithy Family give update following fire. Picture: TikTok/The Smithy Family

By Jenny Mensah

The viral TikTok family have thanked their fans for support and explained why they won't be using their donations after the tragedy.

The Smithy Family are used to delighting the masses with their funny and down to earth TikTok videos, but this week they trended for a horrific reasons when their home became the target of a suspected arson attack.

The family, who live in Wellyn, were forced to flee their home when their car and house was set alight.

As reported by the Evening Standard, Nick and Jess were forced to grab their children, as well as their newborn son and their dogs, when they realised their car was on fire on Wednesday 14 July around 10pm.

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After showing fans the devastation of their circumstances, patriarch Nick addressed the culprits online and called the act "unforgivable".

The family have received an outpouring of support online from their fans, with many well-wishers starting a fund to repair the damage to their home.

Thanking their fans on the platform that brought them fame, Nick said: "Guys, I aint gonna lie. We've had probably had the worst 24 hours of our lives. We've seen our family home literally burn away in front of our eyes.

"But at the same time we've seen what you guys have been doing and it's so generous what you've done and it's made us smile."

Addressing the fact that people have donated money to the family, his wife Jess said: We're meant to be giving to you, not you giving to us."

Nick added: "It doesn't sit right with us and we call upon your help [...] not for us. For us to take that it will feel like a wrongdoing and that's not why we're on here... And I think it's so nice what everyone's done, but please I think we can find another way or something else we can do with the money that's been donated, so thank you guys."

Nick followed it up with an update from their home, and an uplifting video message to Andra Day's Rise Up.

He annotated it: "I will rise up and put us back together this is my promise to my family".

As the camera pans up, Nick shows that the family are undefeated, as their neon logo lights up as he tearfully stands proud.

The videos come a day after Nick updated fans on the heartbreaking incident, where looking at the camera and addressing the alleged culprits, he said: "My girls were in this room, but that don't matter to you do it?

"One of you filmed while the other one done it. I don't think you realise the consequences of what you've done."

He added, while breaking down: "It's my little girls' room, man. They got it how they want it. I worked so hard all my life to do the right thing..."

The family believe that the arson attack was a direct result of their TikTok success, which have made them targets of jealous trolling as well as doxxing, which sees people share their personal data online.

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