TikTok fans devastated as George the monkey dies

10 June 2021, 11:45 | Updated: 10 June 2021, 21:30

TikTok fans in morning as George The Monkey passes away
TikTok fans in morning as George The Monkey passes away. Picture: Instagram/heresyourmonkeycontent

By Jenny Mensah

Loyal fans of the famous monkey, who had 17.7 million followers on the platform, have expressed their heartache at the primate's tragic and unexpected death.

TikTok fans are mourning the loss of one of the social media platform's most famous animals.

George The Monkey, who was also known as Georgie Boy, was so popular on TikTok that he boasted over over 200 million likes and 17.6 million followers on the platform.

Sadly, this week it was announced that the cheeky primate passed away due to complications involving anaesthesia during a routine tooth operation.

Sharing the devastating news, his owners took to his profile to write: "George went to the vet for a regular check up on his teeth.

"During, there were complications with the anaesthesia, starting a long fight for his life. Through the fight, George was sent thousands of thoughts and prayers with the hope that he would make it.

"On June 7th at 4pm Central Georgie Boy passed away. George was a light when things seemed dark. And he was a reminder of the love that exists in all of us. Though the fun-loving life of George has left, his spirit of hope and love lives on.

"We love you, George."

Fans rushed to share their condolences, with one writing on Instagram: "I’m so sorry for your loss, he was so special. Thank you for sharing him with us… You will live in our hearts forever George".

Another said: "I'm so hurt RIP George".

"Rest In Peace little bro," said another fan, while many admitted to crying.

Famous American paranormal investigator, actor and television personality Zak Bagans put it best, when he wrote: "George, you had the power to make everyone happy and laugh when they were down. Such a loving little soul. My thoughts especially to his immediate family. Such sad news. Can’t believe it."

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George The Monkey's whopping 17.7 million-strong followers on Tiktok sent him hoards of gifts and fan mail, which included everything from games and personalised clothing, to fan art.

Watch George watch one of his gifts below:

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