TikTok's The Smithy Family targeted in suspected arson attack at their London home

15 July 2021, 17:51 | Updated: 16 July 2021, 13:30

The Smithys forced to leave home after suspected arson attack
The Smithys were forced to leave home after suspected arson attack. Picture: TikTok/The Smithys

The viral family, who rose to fame on TikTok during the pandemic, were forced to flee their home after a suspected arson attack.

The Smithy Family were forced to leave their home on the evening of Wednesday 14 June after it was threatened by fire.

The TikTok family rose to fame during the COVID-19 pandemic due to their humorous and down to earth videos, entertaining over 2.5 million followers.

However, the influencers believe they've seen the negative effects of their newly-found fame, in what they believe to be an arson attack on their Welling home.

As reported by the Evening Standard, Nick and Jess were forced to grab their children, as well as their newborn son and their dogs, when they realised their car was on fire around 10pm.

Taking to TikTok late last night, harrowing images were shared on their account, which saw their car completely burned and their house charred as the police and London Fire Brigade cordoned off their street.

Addressing his followers, Nick said: "Iโ€™m doing this video because people have already uploaded videos of the fire.

"We all got out the house ok. Kids are fine, Teddy's fine, Jack and Amy are fine. Me and Jess are fine, the dogs are ok.

โ€œThe house aint ok. The kids are at a safe place. Jess is at a safe place".

He added, emotionally: "To the people that done this, you could have killed our family and not only our family... Our neighbours, our friends.

"It's unforgivable."

Another video sees Nick, who used to be a builder before becoming a full-time influencer, in tears as he wipes smoke damage from the walls of his house.

Looking at the camera, he says: "My girls were in this room, but that don't matter to you do it?

"One of you filmed while the other one done it. I don't think you realise the consequences of what you've done."

He added: "It's my little girls' room, man. They got it how they want it. I worked so hard all my life to do the right thing..."

The family believe that the arson attack was a direct result of their TikTok success, which have made them targets of jealous trolling as well as doxxing, which sees people share their personal data online.

Fans have since reached out on social media to share their support with the family.

One wrote: "I hope the smithy family are okay and all safe after what happened last night I hope the person who did it gets arrested".

Another said: "Feel so sorry for the smithy family on tiktok.. what an absolute shame

"A new born baby, a family and pets where in that house and some low lives go set fire to it whilst they was in there"

They added: "Thinking of the family at this difficult time".

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