Only a genius can get 10/10 on this 1994 lyric quiz

29 March 2022, 11:44

The stars of 1994: Beastie Boys, Blur, Green Day and Soundgarden
The stars of 1994: Beastie Boys, Blur, Green Day and Soundgarden. Picture: YouTube

How well do you remember songs from the year that Britpop kicked off and grunge peaked?

1994 - what a year. Britpop got into gear with the arrival of Oasis and Blur's Parklife album. Grunge suffered a tragedy with the death of Kurt Cobain, but Soundgardern kept the faith. And new bands like Portishead, Supergrass, Elastica and Suede made sure that the British music scene was the envy of the world.

But how well do you remember those songs of '94? We'll give you a line from a track released in those twelve months - all you have to do is pick the tune we've taken it from!

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