WATCH: 2019's best new artists tell YOU how to start a band

22 April 2019, 21:44 | Updated: 22 April 2019, 21:46

Some of 2019's best new artists explained to John Kennedy how they got started in the music industry. Here’s what they said.

How do you start a band? How do you get your first foothold in the music business?

These are the essential questions for any musician starting out.

Radio X’s John Kennedy - the most trusted man in music - asked three of our Great X-pectations artists to tell their story, from first putting a group together to getting that first gig.

Rising stars Jade Bird, Ethan Barnett aka Ten Tonnes and Theresa Jarvis and Alex Crosby of Yonaka shared their experiences with John and explained what it takes to find inspiration and get noticed.

John spoke to the artists before the sold out Radio X Great X-Pectations show in January 2019. You can see some of the highlights right here. This could be you!

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