WATCH: The Most Famous Onstage Mishaps

3 September 2018, 15:08

James Hetfield falls through the stage
James Hetfield falls through the stage. Picture: YouTube

Remind yourself of some of the most unfortunate on-stage fails in rock.

  1. Metallica’s James Hetfield Gets Himself Into A Hole… Literally

    Metallica played an unforgettable gig at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome in 2017, but unfortunately the most memorable part of the set included an epic fall from their frontman. But, he didn't just trip or fall off stage. He managed to fall through an open trap door on stage…

  2. Dave Grohl Styles It Out

    Big Dave slipped over during a show in São Paulo, Brazil in January 2015, but recovered magnificently. He wasn't so lucky when he tumbled offstage during a gig in Sweden in June 2015... he broke his leg and had to cancel the band's Glastonbury headline slot.

  3. Steven Tyler - Love In An Elevat-aaaaagh

    The Aerosmith frontman is no stranger to toppling off the edge of the stage. One of the worst incidents was in 2009 at a show in South Dakota, when the singer was hospitalised with neck and head injuries. Ouch.

    …and again in New Orleans.

  4. Bono Worries Health And Safety

    For over thirty years now, Bono's eagerness to get closer to his audience has seen him come a cropper… and sometimes climb up the scaffolding, only to get stuck. He's also fallen off stage many, many times. Maybe he shouldn't stand so close to The Edge. (LOLZ)

  5. Meanwhile, The Edge Takes a Tumble In Toronto

    The U2 guitarist should maybe watch where he's going as he stepped off the...erm...edge of the stage in Toronto. The band were kicking off their latest world tour.

  6. Krist Novoselic Destroys His Face

    At the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards, the spirit of PUNK ROCK overcame Nirvana's bassist. At the climax to the classic song Lithium, Novoselic threw his bass into the air… and caught it with his face.

  7. Matt Bellamy Hurts His Mouth

    At a gig in Atlanta in 2004, Matt Bellamy smashed his face with the neck of his guitar and had to stop the gig five songs in because he couldn't sing any more.

  8. Chris Martin Gets Over-Enthusiastic

    The Coldplay singer bruises his ego, if not his bum, while performing onstage in Canada.

  9. Pete Doherty Gets Closer To His Audience

    Well, it was bound to happen at some point, wasn't it?