What is The Killers' The Man single inspired by?

14 June 2020, 12:00 | Updated: 14 June 2020, 12:01

Find out the story behind Brandon Flowers' and co's 2017's single.

This week celebrates three years since The Killers' The Man was released.

The funky-ridden single was released on 14 June 2017 and was the lead single rom their fifth studio album Wonderful, Wonderful.

The track marked The Killers official comeback and their first new music since 2012's Battle Born, so Brandon Flowers and co didn't pull any punches.

The song is unmistakeable, with Flowers playing the proud male peacock, but who and what is it inspired by?

Find out here.

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The Killers' artwork for The Man single
The Killers' artwork for The Man single. Picture: Press

Who is The Killers' The Man inspired by?

The artwork might feature Brandon Flowers' son Henry on the artwork, but the song was inspired by the frontman himself.

He told NME back in 2017: "Around about the time that The Killers started I guess... that's where The Man harkens back to, and years after as well."

He added: "I think a good chunk of [the new] album is making peace with that. I've been cleaning it up for a long time. I don't think that was really a great representation, an honest representation of who I am.

"It came from a place of insecurity and I would just puff my chest out and say things and put a lot of negativity out there. I basically came to regret that and I'm sure a lot of people can identify with that."

Watch Brandon Flowers discuss The Man single and its artwork with Radio X's Gordon Smart:

Speaking to Gordon Smart he shared the same sentiments, revealing: "When we first started I definitely thought that I was God's gift. That pretty much eroded away really quickly."

Asked if he still felt that way now, he replied: "No, but it was nice to go back and inhabit that person, and I had to do that to really figure out why I am who I am now".

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