Who was the cover star from Stereophonics' Performance and Cocktails album?

9 November 2019, 13:00 | Updated: 9 November 2019, 13:01

Stereophonics album artwork for Performance and Cocktails
Stereophonics album artwork for Performance and Cocktails. Picture: Press/ Artwork

As this year marks 20 years since Stereophonics' seminal album, we look into who was the face on the front of their iconic artwork.

1999 marks 20 years since Stereophonics released their Performance And Cocktails album.

The Welsh band's second studio release, which included famous hits in The Bartender and the Thief, Hurry Up And Wait, Just Looking and Pick A Part That's New is just as famous for its memorable artwork.

The black and white cover, which was shot by Scarlet Page, sees a couple kissing at a football pitch under the Westway in London... but it's fair to say the woman is decidedly unenthused about it.

But who was the un-named brunette and how did she come to star on the famous artwork?

According to Tony Barrell who uncovers music mysteries and the stars of album artworks on his website, Lucy Joplin was tracked down in North London and revealed her far-away starewas achieved by a heavy night of excess.

Barrell claims that she was also paid £75 cash in hand for the trouble, which she "blew on underwear".

Joplin said she later went to a Stereophonics event at the BBC in which her photo was everywhere, but when she told one of the band that she was a singer-songwriter herself, they "blanked me all night”.

The cover star now performs in an electric folk band called Lucy's Diary, which released an album called Rock Kicks in 2010 - have a listen here: