The honest story behind Coldplay's hit Trouble

29 June 2024, 21:00

Chris Martin in Coldplay's UK version of their Trouble video
Chris Martin in Coldplay's UK version of their Trouble video. Picture: YouTube

By Jenny Mensah

Chris Martin and co's 2000 single is almost 24 years old, but how much do you know about the haunting track?

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With Coldplay headlining Glastonbury for a record fifth time this weekend, we're reminded of their all-time classic song Trouble.

The song, which featured on the band's debut album Parachutes, was one of their earliest and most famous hits, but did you know what inspired its iconic lyrics?

Here's 10 facts about the song and its creation below...

  1. Chris Martin wrote the song about his own bad behaviour

    The Coldplay frontman admitted that Trouble was inspired by some bad behaviour he exhibited towards his other bandmates.

    He told Q magazine: "Things were going wrong in the studio and I told Will it was his fault. He's be out of time once and I'd be telling him he was sh*t."

    Will Champion's mother was also ill at the time, which probably didn't help and the song Trouble was a message of apology and repentance from their frontman.

    Coldplay's Chris Martin in 2000
    Coldplay's Chris Martin in 2000. Picture: Benedict Johnson/Redferns/Getty
  2. Trouble was the band's third single from Parachutes

    Trouble was released on 23rd October 2000 and was the third cut to be taken from Coldplay's debut album following Shiver and Yellow.

    Coldplay's Parachutes album artwork
    Coldplay's Parachutes album artwork. Picture: Press
  3. It took four takes to record

    The song, which was written and co-produced with the band British record producer Ken Nelson, was recorded four times before the band settled on the take they preferred.

  4. Trouble became the band's second Top 10 UK single

    After its release, Trouble gave the band their second Top 10 UK single, followinig Yellow, which reached number four on the UK Singles Chart.

  5. It was influenced by Supergrass

    The piano ballad on Trouble originally had a guitar riff that was "heavily influenced by the early Supergrass singles". We would love to hear it.

    Supergrass in 1995
    Supergrass in 1995. Picture: Paul Natkin/WireImage/Getty
  6. Chris Martin thinks it saved them from being one hit wonders

    Despite the release of Shiver and Yellow before it, Chris Martin believes Trouble saved Coldplay from being one hit wonders. This is because the album's first single Shiver only reached 52 in the charts and Yellow was such a success in comparison.

  7. Trouble has two videos

    Coldplay - Trouble (U.K. Version)

    If you weren't old enough to remember the year 2000, then you'd be forgiven for not realising Trouble had two videos.

    The original European version (above), which was helmed by British director Sophie Muller and sees Chris Martin tied to a chair in a darkened room, which turns out to be a theatre set.

  8. The second video is in the style of their Don't Panic promo

    The second Trouble video, which was made for a US audience is directed by Tim Hope and sees the band in a two-dimensional cut-out style, set against forest scenes.

    It also features Nerys Davies, who waters plants in the video and it is the only 'official video' for Trouble uploaded onto Coldplay's YouTube channel now.

    Coldplay - Trouble (Official video)

    It follows the same motif as Don't Panic.

    Coldplay - Don't Panic (Official Video)

  9. Coldplay have been pretty picky about who can use the single

    Chris Martin and co have been very specific about who uses their songs in the past, refusing multi-million deals to use their songs to sell everything from Diet Coke to Gap. However, they did agree on Trouble featuring in the season one finale of FX drama, The Shield.

  10. It was transformed into an unlikely dancefloor anthem

    Trouble gained even more momentum when it was turned into a dance track by British outfit Lost Witness.

    Listen to it here:

    Trouble- Coldplay Lost Witness Remix

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