Blur at Coachella: festival-goers slammed on Twitter as lacklustre crowd response goes viral

15 April 2024, 09:44

Blur's Damon Albarn at Coachella 2024
Blur's Damon Albarn at Coachella 2024. Picture: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

The Britpop legends played the California festival this weekend, but footage of the crowd failed to impress fans on social media.

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Blur played a headline set at Coachella this Sunday (14th April), but fans on social media were unimpressed by the crowds, labelling them as undeserving of watching them perform.

The Britpop legends took to the stage ahead of Tyler The Creator for the first of two weeks at the festival - which takes place in Indio, California - but footage soon went viral of Damon Albarn trying his best to encourage the lacklustre crowd.

One clip in particular sees the frontman telling the audience during the band's Girls & Boys single: "You'll never see us again, so you might as well f***ing sing it!".

The clip was shared multiple times on social media, and in this instance was captioned by a fan on Twitter: "WHAT THE F*** IS HAPPENING

"im convinced coachella has the worst vibes and people possible. it’s fucking Blur, show some respect" (sic).

Another Twitter user, Nicole, shared the same clip with the caption: "the crowd for blur at coachella was so embarassing damon im so sorry i wasn't there"(sic).

Azra wrote: "this coachella people do NOT deserve this blur setlist you’re joking,."

She added: "watching the live stream and the crowd is dead as hell even for GIRLS & BOYS?? i should’ve been there".

Plenty of people shared her sentiments and slammed the festival for having some of the "worst" crowds.

Greg Finch wrote that Coachella had the "worst crowds in America," while another added that he thought the crowd looked like they had been "lobotomised".

KIKi F wrote: "They cant be that unbothered, like clap, scream, move, do something you’re in a f***ing festival. People from Latin America WOULD NEVERRRRRRRR"

However, many did point out that many of those in the crowds at Coachella wouldn't have even been born when the band were first famous.

Bob wrote"Blur ? from 1998.. the audience wasnt even born".

Kenny Jones added: "I know who Blur is but i feel like this generation would know Damon’s side group Gorillaz more than the band itself".

Another follower opined that Blur didn't really break the States and were mostly known by their hit single, Song 2, writing: "The reality of the situation is that Blur was essentially a one-hit-wonder in the United States (Song #2) and we’re over 25 years removed from that."

And they weren't the only people giving the festival-goers somewhat of a break. Godless socialist wrote: "This is like expecting 90s skater kids to go wild at a Roy Orbison gig."

Making a comment on the festival in general, Sarah asked: "What going on at coachella? Seeing lots of disengaged crowd stories-what you’all there for-it’s a music festival-get crowdloving the artists who turned up, to entertain you".

Another took aim squarely at the festival, writing: "Coachella is a music festival for people who don't like music"

Eddy Lowe seemed to see the funny side, however, arguing that it was a "huge day for Oasis-heads".

Despite all the noise, Blur took to Twitter after their performance to thank Coachella and shared a few photos from their 13-track set.

See Blur's Coachella week 1 setlist on 13th April 2024:

  1. St Charles Square
  2. Popscene
  3. Trouble in the Message Centre
  4. Beetlebum
  5. Goodbye Albert
  6. Trimm Trabb
  7. Out of Time
  8. Bird Song ([traditional] cover) (with the Torres Martinez Cahuilla Bird Singers)
  9. Death of a Party (with the Torres Martinez Cahuilla Bird Singers)
  10. Girls & Boys
  11. Song 2
  12. The Narcissist
  13. Tender (with the Torres Martinez Cahuilla Bird Singers)