What are Blur's biggest songs?

7 March 2024, 09:00

Blur in May 1991: Alex James, Dave Rowntree, Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn
Blur in May 1991: Alex James, Dave Rowntree, Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn. Picture: DPA Picture Alliance/Alamy Stock Photo

Using chart positions, Spotify streams and YouTube views, Radio X takes a look at the most popular Blur tunes in their three-decade career...

  1. Blur - Song 2

    Blur - Song 2 (Official Music Video)

    The second song from Blur's self-titled 1997 album reached (of course) No 2 in the UK charts and naturally was awarded double-platinum status in the UK. With over 829 million million streams on Spotify and 180 million views on YouTube, it's head and shoulders above any other Blur song in terms of popularity.

  2. Blur - Girls & Boys

    Blur - Girls And Boys (Official Music Video)

    Released as a preview to the band's landmark album Parklife in March 1994, this tribute to the 90s holiday scene also went Platinum in the UK and notched up over 184 million listens on Spotify and 52 million views on YouTube.

  3. Blur - Coffee & TV

    Blur - Coffee And TV (Official Music Video)

    Featuring guitarist Graham Coxon on vocals and boasting a charming video featuring a walking milk carton, this 1999 single only made No 11 in the charts, but has since been certified Silver in the UK. Coffee & TV has been viewed nearly 39 million times on YouTube and streamed 118 million times on Spotify.

  4. Blur - Parklife

    Blur - Parklife (Official Music Video)

    The memorable title track to Blur's third album saw actor Phil Daniels take on a starring role. Incredibly, it only just broke the Top 10 in the summer of 1994, but was sold enough to go Platinum. In the streaming era, it's been streamed over 117 million times and viewed nearly 15 million times.

  5. Blur - Tender

    Blur - Tender (Official Music Video)

    This moving tribute to the breakup of Damon Albarn and Justine Frischmann, Tender went straight into the UK charts at No 2, gaining a Platinum award from the BPI. 15 million views and 78 million streams later, it's still a Blur fan favourite.

  6. Blur - Country House

    Blur - Country House (Official Music Video)

    The song that won the Battle Of Britpop again Oasis and Roll With It in August 1995, Country House was Blur's first No 1, and remains their biggest selling single in the UK. In the streaming era, however, it's fallen out of favour somewhat; while being a Platinum-seller, it's stacked up 76m Spotify streams and 16 million YouTube views.

  7. Blur - Beetlebum

    Blur - Beetlebum (Official Music Video)

    Blur's second No 1 in the UK, earning them a Silver disc. The lead single from the band's eponymous album of 1997, it's been watched 21 million times on YouTube and streamed 64 million times on Spotify.

  8. Blur - The Universal

    Blur - The Universal (Official Music Video)

    The follow-up to the chart-topping Country House, this serene ballad made Top 5 in November 1995. Earning a Silver award from the BPI, it's been streamed 50 million times and watched 18 million times on YouTube.

  9. Blur - Ghost Ship

    Blur - Ghost Ship

    This track from the comeback album The Magic Whip (2015) is a superstar of the streaming era, having been listened to 62 million times on Spotify and the official audio has been played over 921,000 times on YouTube.

  10. Blur - Charmless Man

    Blur - Charmless Man (Official Music Video)

    The final single to be taken from the album The Great Escape was released in April 1996 and made No 5 in the charts. Awarded Silver status by the BPI, it's since had 29 million streams on Spotify and 17 million views on YouTube.