VIDEO: Johnny Vaughan Is Blown Away By These Chas & Dave Facts

26 September 2018, 16:08 | Updated: 26 September 2018, 18:06

Johnny Vaughan and Gav The Woodman celebrated Chas and Dave, who featured on one of Eminem's biggest tracks.

This week Gav 'The Woodman' gave Chas Hodges the honour of being his hero of the day, following the sad news of his passing, aged 74.

This got the team talking about Chas and Dave, who amazingly supported Led Zeppelin at Knebworth in 1979.

But if that wasn't amazing enough, Chas played on stage for Deep Purple and the pair came to feature on one of Eminem's most famous songs.

Watch our video above to find out more.

Chas and Dave were accomplished session musicians and their guitar and bass appeared on the 1975 track I’ve Got The… by Labi Siffre.

Listen to it here from 2:28:

Labi Siffre - I Got The... (1975)

Decades later, their work found its way into 1999's Eminem's My Name Is via a sample.

Listen to it here:

Eminem - My Name Is

So there you have it, Chas and Dave are unwitting hip hop musicians... kinda.

Watch Chris Moyles celebrate the genius of the comedy duo: